S&J Natural Products Inc. was established in February 2016 in Bellingham, WA by husband and wife team Sarah and James Laing. Their goal in launching S&J was two-fold -- one, to create a movement to include cannabidiol (CBD) into mainstream health culture and make CBD products available to everyone; and two, to promote a line of products that truly make a difference in the overall health and quality of life of anyone taking them.

Being a nutritionist and having worked in many facets of the natural health industry, including licensing one of the first federally regulated medical marijuana production facilities in Canada and writing her book on anti-inflammatory nutrition You Aren't Just What You Eat... But That's Important Too, Sarah's passion for CBD and cannabinoids as critical components of any preventative health regimen fueled the fire to start S&J.

Being a marijuana user and advocate for most of his life but not understanding the "why and how" behind it's benefits, James sought out to get involved with the rapidly emerging industry, so when he met Sarah, the pieces started to fall into place and ended up becoming a pivotal moment in both of their lives. On the other hand, James' athletic upbringing (as a professional skier on the Canadian racing team) left him with multiple injuries and surgeries that lead him to use pain killers, and eventually, into an addictive pattern. Thus, James' introduction to CBD represented not only an opportunity to get involved in the Cannabis industry, but a viable alternative to pharmaceuticals and a healthy refuge from the dark road they can pave.

Together, the S&J team offers both extensive knowledge and personal experience with using CBD and cannabinoids to achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle, and strives to extend both their knowledge base and journey to CBD to each S&J customer. Relief to live life to the fullest not only represents their motto, but also a mantra they strive to impart into every aspect of S&J -- body, mind and soul.