S&J is a CBD-infused company, but the journey didn't start there. 

In her debut book discussing the pivotal role of inflammation to our health, S&J owner and nutritionist Sarah Holvik (now Laing) pinpoints factors in our everyday lives - from the foods we eat to the activities we do to the products we choose, even our attitudes - that have the power to both positively and negatively influence our health. 

The choice is ours, and "You Aren't Just What You Eat" provides us with valuable and tangible information on how to make the best ones for ourselves, based on science-backed recommendations and from a historical "how did we get so inflamed and what can we do about it NATURALLY" standpoint. 

Written for the beginner health aficionado with side bars for the more savvy consumer, Sarah gives us a glimpse into the world of natural health, how the principles apply to each one of us and provides hope for a happier, healthier future. 

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$15.99 | 120 pages