I suffered a bruised back muscle which pinched my sciatic nerve while working on a commercial crab fishing boat in the Bering Sea of Alaska. The pain was so severe that I would not have been able to get out of my bunk without applying some of S&J's gel cream to my injury. This product prevented the captain from leaving me on the dock unable to work so I would highly recommend it for anyone suffering from any kind of muscle or nerve pain. - Andrew, Bellingham, WA

You sold me some of your cream after I tried it. I thought I was going to have to limp back to my car. You applied some of that cream to my calf. The nerve pain was really bad. In a few minutes the pain subsided and the twitching in my calf stopped and I was able to continue to enjoy my day. WOW is my word for the day. To second that while I was typing this my shoulder started doing it's evening pain and twitching with shocks to my shoulder and arm, applied your cream and the pain went away before I finished this note. Thank you, thank you. Oh, I posted you on facebooked with a testimony of your product. Thanks again. Oh, I'll be telling people of your products. - Dale, Ferndale, WA

After years and thousands of dollars in Dr visits and trying every product possible to alleviate my paid from CPDD and Arthritis, I finally found one that works!!! - Diane, Salem, OR

Finally! A product that, as a professional, I can use while working with no horrible side effects. Just like others I have battled pain for many years and not been able to find anything that truly takes is away.... Until now! Within minutes of applying the cream my pain was gone... for several hours. This is AMAZING!!!! - Lydia, Salem, OR

I was blown away by the relief I got after Sarah and James applied their [Nano-sno Cooling Gel Cream] product on two different areas of my body. First on my lower back where I have had pain that sometimes is so debilitating I feel like a cripple. One application and I forgot about the pain for a few hours. The other area was my right elbow that I have"tennis elbow" that caused quite a bit of pain when I would flex the arm. Within about 10-15 minutes after the product was applied I was able to flex without pain. I want to thank S&J for this product. - Carol, Bellingham, WA

After two weeks of knee pain I began to wonder if I had torn my anterior meniscus or had ITBS. I got some of the Nano Sno cooling cream and skeptically applied it joking that it was going to repair my ligaments. Three hours later my knee went from having significant swelling to almost none. I couldn't believe the anti-inflammatory properties. A couple of weeks later I was able to walk and average of 10+ miles per day on vacation without pain. Thanks for saving my once in a lifetime vacation! - Devin, Bellingham, WA

Absolutely amazing!  I have shared my experience with everyone!  My little sister has thyroid issues And the vape has helped her so much.  I've also shared your information with a few of my favorite local dispensaries. My father in law is also planning on ordering, if he hasn't already ordered.  Thank You again!  Have a wonderful day!  - Sara, Medford, OR

I chatted with the guys at the booth of the Vegan Street Fair and they were so great! They let me try the lotion which I ended up purchasing and has been the only thing to calm down my TMJ related headaches that not even the oils or vapes I use can do.  - Shawna, Los Angeles, CA